Wednesday, May 1, 2013

P-Day #. . .I Lost Count!

May 1, 2013


WOW. What a roller coaster ride these last few days have been!!! It's crazy.

Last Thursday, I was informed that there was little hope for my visa to arrive any time soon and that my name had been submitted for reassignment. It was one of those *maybe/hopefully* we'll be able to send you somewhere Spanish speaking. I was scared to death to get reassigned English Speaking and lose all the hard work I've put in over the last 5 weeks.

That night, I received an extra DearElder Letter and I knew Brady had gotten his mission call. One problem: the District Leader had gotten the mail at 5:30, and we aren't allowed to read it until 9:30. I had to sit through class and try to focus. He lifted the DearElder Letter up and was able to read the call. He told his companion what it was and I tried to demand that he tell me, too, but he was having way too much fun laughing at me to tell me the big secret. After we said the closing prayer, I practically tackled the mail pile and read the letter out loud to my District. OH MAN! I think it fits Brady so perfectly. I'm so proud of my brother.

Friday, I was called into the Doctor for even MORE blood tests and they didn't have a blood sugar maching tester thing so the lady just took a needle in her hand and stabbed me with it--it was no fun!!! Saturday, I was asked to play the piano in Sacrament Meeting, be in a Musical Number, conduct the zone leadership meeting (I don't know if I wrote about this last week but I'm the ward Portal Coordinater) and possibly give a talk. At first I was nervous, but then I was stoked for the opportunities to serve and to practice my Spanish a little bit more with my talk. I realized how much I love serving and was just so excited. I was really on a service high.

Well, Sunday morning as I was preparing to do all these things, I felt prompted to go check on Hermana Watkins, a sick sister in our zone. As I walked into her hallway, I saw her companion standing in the hallway crying and staring at the Front-Desk Emergency Phone. She told me that Hermana Watkins was in a lot of pain and she felt like she needed to call for help. I encouraged her to follow her prompting and the Front Desk told her that they needed to be taken to the hospital. Both girls were scared to death and wanted an "Older" (it's ironic because I'm two weeks older on MTC time, but almost two years younger in real life) Hermana to come along.

Our Sister Training Leader gave me permission to go on splits (joining another companionship and sending my Companion to join a different companionship) and escort the Hermanas to the Hospital. I sat in the Hospital for several hours and watched the time go by. I realized I wouldn't be able to make it back on time for Sacrament Meeting and I was so bummed! I really just wanted to serve today. Just as I was thinking that, Hermana Watkins, from the hospital bed, started to cry and grunt from pain and both of the Hermanas looked at me and asked what to do. The nurse had already given her a second dose of Morphine and it hadn't kicked in yet. I didn't know how I could help and there were no nurses in sight that we could get a hold of, so I just shut the door to the room and we all held hands while I said a prayer. In the middle of the prayer, I felt Hermana Watkins relax and her heartbeat calmed down. It was amazing. It then hit me that I was doing exactly what I had planned on that day--I was serving. I thought my service was going to be in music and words in church, but it was instead to be there as a comfort to these sisters. It was indeed the better service.

After a few hours and a whole lot of needles, Hermana Watkins was given a prescription and the shuttle took us to Walgreens. It was SO weird to be out in the world, especially in a store on a Sunday! I hadn't left the MTC for 5 weeks. By the way, when did spray on lotion come out? That was the first I had seen of it! After that rollercoaster of a day, I found out that our schedule would be changed and I wasn't going to have P-Day the next day. Okay, it sounds like a dumb little thing but it kind of threw me for a loop because we are SO specific about our schedules, and I was on my last clean outfit. That night, my companion and another Hermana in my District asked the Elders for blessings because they'd been extremely homesick all week. I got to listen to both blessings and it totally touched my heart. I have such a soft spot for the Priesthood, especially in the hands of such young boys.

 I made it through Monday, and woke up sick on Tuesday. I was bummed because I knew I needed to stay in bed, but I really wanted to teach our lesson that day (it was to a "real" person!). After a couple hours, I felt better and I just had the strongest feeling that I needed to make it to the lesson. I quickly got up and got ready, and my companion and I headed to the lesson. We were a few minutes late, but so was our appointment. It was perfect. The Spirit was SO strong in our lesson, and I was able to say so many things that I didn't even remember that I knew how to say in Spanish! The lady told us after about how we said exactly what she needed to here and how much love she already had for us.

Later that afternoon, I was in teaching another lesson that went a little over time. When I returned to the classroom, my entire district had their cameras pointed at me. Then, they said our classic you-just-got-called-to-the-travel-office line. "Hermana Simonson, I hope you like diarrhea." We ran to the Travel Office, but I didn't have as much faith as my District did. I didn't think diarrhea was an issue because there was no way this was my Visa--I was sure it was a reassignment. wasn't! I was so excited to be going to the Peru MTC!

Then, I looked closer at the papers I'd been given and read these words:

 "This missionary is fluent in Spanish and will be going straight to the field."

Oh boy! It was insane. I was so excited, but there was definitely a fear factor in there. As I prayed last night, it was almost as if I could hear the Spirit talking and quoting Exodus. "Go ye therefore, and I WILL BE your mouth."

It was followed by the most distinct prompting--"What makes you think you've been doing any of the talking thus far, anyway?" What a call to humility! I know that I can do this but not because of me--because of the Grace of my Lord and Savior. I wish words could describe how excited I am to enter the field. This is it. This is the thing I've waited so long for.

I read my Patriarchal Blessing right now and I realized that I AM prepared to do this. God has always known that He would make that age change. He has always known that I would serve. He has always known that I would go to Peru. He has been preparing me for this my whole life. I know this whole thing has been in His hands all along--He knew my visa would come. He also knew that I needed to be at the Provo MTC for all of my training. He knew I needed to learn patience and faith as I waited for my Visa. He knew I needed to meet the people I've met here.

I can't believe that my next Email to you will come from Peru. I am so excited to be with my people. I love them already. The field is white, and it is waiting for Hermana Simonson.

I love you all so much. I hope that you will send prayers my way as I prepare to "officially" begin my work and my travels.

Love Always,

Hermana Meghan D. Simonson

Pretty MTC Flowers!
Photobomb: Elder Frehner
More flowers...because I love them!
Candid shot of me writing letters!
My District makes fun of me for only ever kissing one I kissed this one.
Me just after I passed out at the Doctor's and returned to my room
My "Sister Teacher" Hermana Sherwood!
I love going to the Doctor for the sole purpose of doing puzzles in the waiting room!!! I've missed that.
6 weeks at the MTC....and I haven't changed a bit! :)
This is my roommate Hermana Weller. She is SO inspiring and has the best stories to tell.  We get along SO well!
Me and my companion with our "Portal Coordinator" binder. Yay for callings!


  1. Oh, I love this girl! She had me in tears one minute and laughing the next. What a great valiant spirit! So where is Brady going on his mission!? She never said!

  2. Brady is going to serve in the San Fernando California Mission.