Monday, May 27, 2013

Letters from Hermana Gee and her Mother

Buenas Noches!!
It's very late I apologize, but I promised your brilliant couragous daughter that I would write a quick note to you! But more than anything I feel very priveledged to be writing you! In the mission here we are soo overly excited when we hear a new sister will be joining us! Your daughter is definitely a blessing to the mission. Tonight when I saw her I recognized that look on her face. You could see that she is just trying to take it all in, and all with a "i'm trying to smile, but I think even smiling might be done in a different language!" look. She looks great! It's this kind of humble and couragous spirits that works miracles in the mission field.
Thank you so much for the sacrifice of you family to send her to be with us here! She was so kind to us, and so welcoming. She is the newest one here, yet we felt welcomed by her.
I just want you to know your daughter is in great hands.. I was able to serve with her trainer Hna Vasquez for quite some time and I say will full confidence that there isn't a better blessing as a new missionary than to serve alongside Hna Vasquez. She is kind, respectful and always thinking of others. We could have caught up on a million things and her first question was "I want the gringa advice on the best way I can help my companion!" She will be a wonderful example to your daughter, and your daughter will be to her.. I know the companionship of the two of them will be great stepping stones in guiding the two of them to reach the potential as missionaries and daughters of God, that our loving Heavenly Father awaits. More than anything, tonight I felt the reassuring evidence as I spoke with your valient daughter that we are in the Lord's hands. I vividly recall the feelings she is experiencing and I testify that She is and will be in the Lord's hands. I hope you and your family feel a special peace tonight knowing of the gratitude that your Heavenly Father feels towards your daughter and your family. You are examples to all of us and I personally truly appreciate your service!
My time here will be coming to an end and my cherished certificate says, "there is no greater work than in the salvation of souls" I testify of this! Thank you for the service of your family, and the companionship we have worldwide as children of our Heavenly Father to participate in the work of souls together. I love our Heavenly Father's plan, He truly is so loving!
I hope you have a wonderful evening, and know you are in my families prayers tonight! Thank you for your sacrifice and service!
If I can ever be of any help, i would feel honored to offer any kind of service!
Mosiah 4:15
With love and care,
Hermana Gee
Mision Peru Lima North
Tarapoto forever;)
Hello Missionary Mama aka Lori...
You don´t know me, but I attended a very special baptism this evening in the Tarapoto Branch where your brand new--first ever 19-year old sister missionary, Hermana Simonson is called to serve.  My name is Mel Gee Henderson, and I´m the Missionary Mama to Hermana Gabrielle Gee who will be officially released on May 16th from her Peru Lima North Mission.  Tarapoto was also her first assignment.  She spent a solid 8 months in Tarapoto and truly loved the people...and asked me to come to Peru so we could attend Mother´s Day together in her former branch where she served diligently.  She spoke at great length to Hermana Simonson and I think it was very reassuring to her to hear another sister missionary speak of the same kinds of  feelings all new missionaries experience when arriving in such a new and foreign place.
We took a bunch of pictures together, including some of the Tarapoto members who are already showing so much love to Hermana Simonson.  We will e-mail them to you once we are able to upload them.  In the meantime, I just wanted to reassure you that your daugher is off to a great start and she can´t wait to call you tomorrow for Mother´s Day and tell you all about Tarapoto.  It truly is a tremendous place to launch her missionary service.
I´m so proud of I´m sure you are too.  Before you know it, you will be in my shoes and coming to pick up your missionary too! 
With love...from one missionary Mama to another,
Mel Gee Henderson

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  1. Wow this is so incredible! I came across your blog from Elder Andrew Flakes (family friend, and where my brothers is also listed Elder Bennett LLoyd) I noticed where your daughter is serving and had to read as this is where my Best Friends just returned home from! then as a read on i saw this post, My best friend is sister Hermana Gabrielle Gee! What a small world, right? I loved reading this/ these entries and I will be sure to Hermana Gee to your blog! Congrats on the work that your daughter is doing you should be so proud!! -Cortney