Monday, May 27, 2013

Another P-Day! 68 More to Go!

May 27, 2013

Well Familia, I have made it to another P-Day. According to my count, I have about 68 more to go, which really doesn´t seem like a ton when I think about how fast they come.

This week was a little bit crazy. Just a couple weeks into the mission and I faced my biggest fear: Peruvian Doctors. I think I told you about my companion being sick. We found out on Tuesday that she has Dengue Fever. Yikes! I went to accompany her to a follow up appointment, and that morning I woke up with a hideous red rash all over my body. I freaked out. When we walked into the Doctor for her follow up, he took one look at me and said: "Dengue." He was immediately on the phone trying to get permission from my mission president to test me for Dengue. I´ll be honest, I panicked a little bit. A Dengue test meant a needle in my arm, something I was really trying to avoid. And, if I tested positive, I would most likely be sent to serve in Lima, or possible in the States.

Well, I survived the test and came up negative. What a relief! I just was having some sort of reaction and was given some pills, a shot in my butt, and told I shouldn´t eat things that I didn´t eat before my mission since I probably have some sort of Allergy. Honestly, that was music to ears. A Doctor´s note not to eat weird Peruvian food!

We didn´t get to work a whole lot this week because of my sick companion we had to do a couple hours of work followed by a couple hours of rest, and then repeat. I guess this was a good opportunity for me to study my Spanish.

This week I think I received a little bit of revelation about why I was called to speak another language. I realized that my whole life I have been able to do a whole lot with my words: write, persuade others, and smooth just about anything over. Now that I just can´t do that, I have to work, lead, and teach, by example and by love more than ever, and I think that is going to be good for me. I also need the help with learning patience and humility. I´ve had to learn to not get upselt when people laugh at me, when children correct my grammar, or when I´m conducting Branch Council and the President makes a Gringo joke and the whole Branch laughs at me for about 5 minutes straight.

But, despite my less than perfect Spanish, I decided this week that I was going to make a conscious effort to be more than just Hermana Vasquez's silent, white companion. Even though it´s hard for me to speak, I have been practicing the promise given to me in my blessing: Open my mouth, and the words will come. It´s been so true. The words don´t always come out perfect, but they come. This week during the few times that we were actually able to teach, I learned that I really can be an Instrument in God´s hands as long as I am willing to try, and sometimes fail, then try again. I really am seeing the fruits of my labors.

Since we didn´t teach a whole lot this week, I don´t have a whole lot to report from the investigator side of things.

We met a reference named Melani and she already accepted a Baptismal Date. Saturday, we went to teach her and she wasn´t home, instead we found her 16 year old daughter that was stoked to listen to us. We are going to do a Family Home Evening with them tomorrow night with their cousins who are members, so I hope that goes well. We went to set a Baptismal Date for the daughter as well!

Deysi, the woman with the daughters, is coming along well. We invited her to pray about Joseph Smith. I really surprised myself in the lesson with her when I was able to clearly recite the whole first vision with clarity. We teach her tonight and, depending on how her prayers went, we plan to invite her and her two oldest daughters to prepare for Baptism. My Companion is certain that I can issue the invitation, and I am actually way excited about it!

Bridget just is not progressing and doesn´t want to be baptized, but she wants to keep meeting with us. We´re praying to know what we need to do with her.

We met a couple named Sylvia and Rupert and honestly, they could teach us the lessons! As we sat down with them, they told us they think only one church is true. That church needs Prophets and Apostles to be the same church that Jesus Christ established. They lit up as I bore testimony of the fact that we do have them in the church. We weren´t able to meet with them last week, but we´re going to try for tomorrow. The only problem is that Rupert travels for work and is never here on Sundays, so he can´t be Baptized until we figure out a solution. We´re certainly praying hard!

Medaly went to church for the first time and loved it, and even invited a friend the next time. Her Baptism date is for June 8, and I hope all goes well so that we can continue with that!

I´m learning a lot, and definitely having a great time. This is the hardest thing I´ve ever done, but by far the best thing that I´ve ever done. I hope that I have a lot more to report from my investigators next week! I love you so much!!!!

Love Always,

Hermana Meghan Simonson

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