Saturday, March 29, 2014

White Night and Mile Two

March 24, 2014

What a crazy week! Remember how I hate weddings? Let me just stress
the fact again that I HATE weddings. And want to know the worst part?
Planning weddings that aren't my weddings! But, when your District
Leader is in the Hospital for three days and he calls you begging for
help, what else are you going to do? So we were running around like
crazy trying to get his wedding together, and also working on our
wedding that we have this Saturday. Oh, so fun. On top of all that, I
had to "Babysit" this week since one sister had her companion in Lima,
so she stayed with us and we worked the two areas while doing Elder
Muñoz´s dirty work. LOVE IT!
Saturday was one of the best nights of my life. We called it a "White
Night" as we had the opportunity to have seven Baptisms in our ward,
and our Mission President was there to see it! I'll send you the
picture next week. We call it Hermana Simonson, Hermana Ventura, Elder
Muñoz and Elder Scott Doing Work. It was so beautiful. Yesterday,
Nelly, one of the women that was Baptized, was set apart as the new
Young Women's president just one hour after being confirmed a member
of the church. AMAZING. Also, we didn't even have talks in Sacrament
meeting last week. Why? The whole hour was confirmations. I love,
Love, LOVE this work.
It seems impossible to believe that I am hitting the one year mark on
Thursday. Or, better than call it one year, I call it the "Two Mile
Mark." It's a long, hard, great race.  Just less than five and a half
months left, so instead of slowing down and getting tired and lazy,
I'm choosing to get ready for my "Sprint Finish." I don't care that
I'm exhausted I don't care that the panic attacks have been strong I
don't care that my shoes are completely warn out or that my skirts
have holes in them or that there are a ton of sisters to take care of
or that I hate weddings or anything.  When you're the most tired, you
just have to tell yourself you're not and just keep running strong.
Afterall, the best kinds of races are the endurance one. Strong and
fast for the last mile!!!!!!
Love you!
Hermana Simonson

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