Saturday, March 29, 2014

48 Hours

March 17, 2014

Another one of those weeks that went by so fast that I don’t even know what to write about it. Well, it’s official. I have been in Iquitos for more time than I was ever in Tarapoto! Crazy how fast time has gone by. I had three and a half transfers in Tarapoto, in one more week I will have had four transfers in Iquitos, and also in one more week I will only have four transfers left. WHAT?? Time is insane.

I had to buckle down this week and do the thing that I hate most: Work Visits. I HATE them. I have to leave my area for 24 hours to go visit another Hermana and try to magically solve all the problems in her area. Leaving my area behind for that long stresses me out, even though I know that my companion is there doing a good job, it’s weird not being there myself.  After procrastinating the visits for so long, I had to do two and a half this week. They’re rough, but kind of fun.  It’s funny, I noticed that I really was able to help them out in a lot of ways. Hermana Allphin looked up at me during a lesson during her work visit and said “How do you DO that? I wish I could be you!” It made me laugh, but then at the same time made me feel bad as I thought “Why can’t I magically solve all the problems in my own area?” Then I realized it had nothing to do with me or my experience, but it’s just always nice to have an outside opinion to look at things in a different way. BOY, do I sure wish someone could come do a Work Visit to me in my area!

The cool thing was that I was able to see the blessings of being obedient and doing what I need to do. Even though I left for two days, we were able to work really hard the days that I was there and, by some miracle, we were able to find more new people, have more lessons, and have more people progressing than we have had this whole transfer. Even though it doesn’t make sense sometimes, it’s amazing what happens when we just trust in the Lord.

I was reflecting a lot this week about how I’ve personally been able to change and grow in the last year and I was going to write a little bit about that right now, and then I looked down at myself wearing my old running shoes and Batman shirt, drinking Chocolate Milk in a Thor box, and writing my parents and complaining about fulfilling my duties….so maybe I haven’t changed that much, right? ;)

Love you! Have a great week!!

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