Monday, January 20, 2014

Peruvian Parents

January 20, 2014

Am I the only missionary in the world that misses her own baptisms? Because it happened AGAIN this week!  It’s all part of the craziness that is the Mission Field!

I know I talk a lot about the things that happen to me with the sisters, but it really has become one of the main focuses I have. Anyway, I’ve had one Sister that has been pretty sick for awhile and Saturday morning I got to the Church early to get my baptism ready, and she was there sitting in her baptism and was completely red and shaky and I touched her forehead and couldn’t believe how hot she was.

Long story short, they ended up asking me to take her to the hospital since I have all the insurance information and have kind of become the designated translator.

I left my poor companion in the baptism and she was scared to try and direct it, but
everything turned out okay.

Anyway, we get to the hospital and they gave her an IV and did chest X-Rays and blood tests and a bunch of things because of her fever. Then, they came in and saw how her clothes were covered in sweat and asked me if I had brought her a change of clothes…okay? No, I didn’t even think of that. So, the doctor looks at me and says “give her your clothes then, she’s going to get worse if she’s wet.”  So they made us change clothes and I just laughed and told her “I hope you realize that I love you so much that I am putting on your wet, sweaty clothes!” It was pretty funny.

Sometimes it’s easy to get bummed when your big plans for the day get changed and you randomly end up in the hospital with sweaty clothes, but I just always try to remember that we promise to use ALL of our talents for the building up of the kingdom of God…even the dumb talents like knowing Spanish Medical Terms and Church Insurance Information!

Other than that, things have been normal:  people, lessons, ups, downs, ants in my rice, broken arm jokes, and so on and so forth. I was laughing last night as I reflected on my week and thought about how “parented” I feel at times.

The whole room experience wasn’t the end of that story! I got out of the shower Tuesday morning to randomly find Hermana Gómez (the Mission Wife) sitting on my bed waiting for me. She came to check up on a few things and give us another chance to pass the room inspections. J I love it. A woman with a whole mission to take care of and she still finds time to come see if Hermana
Simonson made her bed in the morning.

You’d think it would bug me, but I actually love it, I feel more at home. It’s been pretty funny because they have a 19-year-old daughter that I made really good friends with back in the Tarapoto days when I was the only Sister her age in the mission. Now that she’s back from school and living with her parents here in Iquitos, she’s been coming with us to do splits with me or help us teach and things like that, so it’s not weird for me to come back to my house and find Hermana Gomez waiting outside of my door and things like that.

The other night, she started messing with my posture and told me I’d look skinnier if I stood up straight and that I need to put up my chest more and then made a joke about me not having a chest and I just about died of laughter because it was SO something that my mom always said and did.

Also, I don’t know if I have ever mentioned Lulú in my letters, but she’s basically my
Peruvian Mom. If I show up at her house, I can’t leave without her making me shine my shoes, eat fruits, and let her give me a massage if I look stressed.  She’s SO great!

Anyway, their family went to Lima to take out their Endowments a few weeks ago, and they just barely got back and she got right back into taking care of me.

Then, the other day my District Leader told me I need to eat more fruits because I have a lot of zits (result of the pills I have) and I just about died.

Well mom, somehow your influence makes it all the way to Perú! I love it.  J

I just love the experiences that I have here. The people win my heart a little bit more each day.  I can call a member and they are there right away. Their faith is amazing. I wish you could feel of their Spirit.

Have a great week!


Hermana Simonson

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