Monday, December 23, 2013

The Member. The Companion. The Arm.

Well I didn’t think I was going to be writing today since I’m calling on Wednesday and today isn’t P-Day, but they called us last night and said that we are writing today so here I am!

I realized that most of my letters are usually a little negative, so I am just going to be flat out funny today. Okay, maybe not all these things are funny, but better to look at them that way than let me get down about it…right?

The Member: Remember that family that I told you about that was stressing me out because they wouldn't accept a Baptism date and I just wanted to help them so bad? I was praying a ton for them this week and didn't know what else to do. As we left our house to go visit them again, I remembered a comment the Relief Society President had made when she said "How funny, I have someone with that same name on my list." I pulled out my Ward Directory and, sure enough, there she was. But not just her name. Her address. Her birthday. EVERYTHING. She's been a member this whole time! I don't understand. 

The Companion: Well, this was fun. My companion was in the Hospital twice this week, for what? Extreme Constipation. The first time they gave her some pills and she told me she felt better so I assumed she's used the bathroom. Then, while we were waiting in the church for our Baptism Interviews she mentioned that she still hadn't used the bathroom....for two weeks! So, they sent us to the Hospital again. We got there at about 10 at night and a few minutes later our District Leader and his companion arrived, they didn't like the idea of the two of us being alone in the city part of Iquitos in the middle of the night. 

She was given a list of different things to try, but we couldn't find them in any pharmacy, so we just kept walking in circles trying to figure out what on earth to do. Finally, we found a good Pharmacy and our District Leader tried handing her suppositories and enemas and Ex-lax and she's refusing every last little thing, then started to complain again about her stomach hurting. So, poor little Elder Muñoz got frustrated and stormed out and flagged down a Motokar. "How much to the cemetery?" "Which one?" "It doesn't matter, just the closest one. And fast!"  "But..why?" "Because this woman won't take her medicine!" I died of laughter.

The Arm:
Sometimes, we forget we're missionaries, and we try to think we're soccer players. Every month, our big P-Day is the multi zone Soccer Tournament in the huge Iquitos Stadium. We have Zone Jerseys made and everything. Usually, the Hermanas are just kind of like Cheerleaders, because it gets pretty ugly down there, but the Elders ALWAYS make me play. Just me. I don't understand why. They told me because it pays off to have someone who runs fast and that the Elders literally can't touch. So I play.

The only female out there. Our zone was doing great, but we hit a rough spot in one of the games so we all started getting a little frustrated and playing harder. I was playing defense and an Elder was getting close to the goal and he's one of the best ones so we were all nervous. I came up to him from the side to kick the ball away and we both slammed the ball and, somehow, he went airborne and CRACK! He landed. And didn't get up.

Everyone in the stands was screaming and chanting my name and I just went red and wanted to run and hide. Two of the Elders from my zone ran over to the stands and yelled at everyone to stop chanting and said "Females don't take this kind of attention as a compliment!" Hahaha.

A few other Elders were saying to just keep playing and that this Elder was just being a baby because he was embarrassed that a Sister took him out. I still don't even understand how it happened because we didn't even touch one another, we just happened to kick the same ball. One Elder in my zone studied to be a Doctor and checked the arm out and said that it wasn't broken so we all believed him. But, the next day I showed up to Choir Practice and, there he was, with a cast. Never, ever in my life have I been so embarrassed!

Anyway, my time is up for now but I will talk to you on Wednesday!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also, my Zone Leader just told me there's a package in the office so we'll see if it's the one from you guys or grandma and grandpa or Hermana Vasquez to see which one got lost! But right now it looks like I'll at least be getting something. :)

Love you!

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