Monday, September 23, 2013

Birthday Week :) LOTS of Pictures!

Well, I spent all the time with pictures so I only have about 2 minutes to write!

It was a great week and I just felt so loved and accepted by the people. I just want to share my testimony of this work. It is so amazing. It is so worth the sacrifices. Everyday is a challenge, but it's a good one.

I've never seen so many miracles. I love being here. I love the jungle. I love the people. Most of all, I love my Savior, Jesus Christ.

It is crazy to think that I spent my Birthday here. I never would have imagined this. But, God always had it in His plans. That's what I love. I know He loves me and is taking care of me. I am so incredibly blessed.

I hope the pictures gave you a chance to see the love that I'm being shown and the angels that I was promised. I am happy to be here, even if it is for just a short while.

Love Always,


 I still had my Birthday sleepover :) It definitely wasn't with my Jandee, Courtney, and Emily, but Hermana Rider and Hermana Reatagui were in the moving process and ended up having to spend one night with us...on my birthday. It was fun. :)

Hermana Alvear and I enjoying the Birthday party. Aren't we just too cute?

Ximena might have started a little bit of a frosting fight :). I love that girl, it's like having a little sister :)

Happy Birthday MOM!


 Party Friday, baptism Saturday:) Candy and Jorge helped us out so much with Katty.
They're such a great family!

 It wasn't my birthday anymore, but it sure did feel like it when Katty (from the first surprise party) was Baptized! Remember the story of the girl that was miraculously healed? That was Katty's daughter! It was so great to see how the Lord used His priesthood power to help Katty decide to become a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. 

Candy and Jorge threw me a surprise Birthday Party! Katty, our Investigator, was there as well. I was super surprised and super happy. I felt so loved :) And, how funny to see two "gringos" together, Elder Rix, our zone leader was doing a work visit with Elder Limon. I think he really just heard that there would be cake :)

Patty, Astry, and Ximena also threw me a surprise party. It was SO sweet to spend some time with this beautiful family of my converts. They are such sweethearts. It's hard to watch the people give you so much when you know how little they have, but it means the world to me.

That is the LAST time that I EVER try to take a picture standing next to a monkey cage. WOW. Scared the living lights out of me. Later that day, we were all walking when all of the sudden a branch fell to the ground in front of a couple of the Elders and we looked up to find another monkey (this time a wild one) throwing things at us. I swear, these things would ONLY happen in my mission. And no, I am NOT kidding.
A cute little keyholder from Patty, Astry, and Ximena :)
And no, I'm not kidding. Surprise Party number three from the Sisters in the Relief Society. It's funny. I was thinking about how God never leaves me alone. My birthdays, up until age 18, were with my family. Age 19, my roommates and Jake, the family I was given at college. 

I left one family and it was so hard, but at least for now, he's given me a whole jungle full of family! Converts, Investigators, Members, Less actives, a District, a Zone, Zone leaders, Mission President and his wife, Couples Missionaries. I am so well loved and taken care of! It is such a blessing :) 

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