Tuesday, April 16, 2013

P-Day #3! Can you believe it?

Hola Familia!
Wow, what a crazy weekend I've had!  I was lucky to be able to Email you the other day, that was awesome!  
The last few days have been super sentimental for me!  The building repairs were completed and we moved back to the classroom we were in for the first three days of my MTC experience.  Our goals and lessons were still written on the board and it blew my mind to realize that, just three weeks ago, I was learning how to introduce myself.  Now I can give talks, bear my Testimony, Pray, and teach lesssons in Spanish.  WOW!  It's amazing what we can do with God's help!  
Another thing that got me going was saying goodbye to my first companion, Hermana Price.  It was weird to realized we haven't even known each other for three weeks, because we just got SO close.  Then, as I packed up to move into my new companion's room, it freaked me out to realize that the last time I packed all my mission stuff up was three weeks ago.  Honestly, that seems like it is in a different life.  SO much has changed for me.  But I love it.  
Everyday is kind of like a constant battle.  It's Meghan vs. Hermana Simonson.  Meghan wants to sit around and chat with the District, get overly competetive in volleyball, daydream, crack jokes, etc.  But Hermana Simonson knows that I'm on the Lord's time and that I shouldn't be chatting, i'm not allowed to keep score in games, daydreaming is a waste, jokes aren't always appropriate, etc.  I'll have my whole life to be Meghan, but right now I need to step up and be Hermana Simonson.  This is the only time in my life where I'll be able to live this way and have this amount of Gospel focus, and I know I need to take advantage of every minute.
With so much to accomplish here, I am super grateful for some of the things I used to hate.  Running (not that I ever hated that, but it was bittersweet at times), working in the Deli, taking College classes in High School, and just everything that taught me to endure to the end.  My work ethic is my greatest advantage!
I guess you guys did an excellent job of naming me.  My District has gotten super close, but the other day we realized that we don't know anyone's first names.  So, we went around and announced our names and everyone kept commenting "oh ya, that fits you." or "Really? I wouldn't have guessed that!"  I was the last to go and all the Elders clapped and were either like "I told you so!" or "I knew it!" or "That TOTALLY fits you."  No one else got the reaction, so I must have been matched well to my name!  Hopefully Meghan is a good thing?
It's been hard to watch everyone get their Visas and head out to Peru.  I'm SUPER jealous.  Reassignment-permanent or temporary- is becoming more and more likely. Logically, it seems like it would just have to happen when you look at how long my stuff has been submitted for and how it hasn't come.  But, I don't know...for some reason I really feel like there's a place for me in Peru and I have a lot of faith that I'll get there eventually.
Well, I need to get to my laundry now!  Watch for some letters.  Love you!
Hermana Meghan Simonson

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